We are Raising Hope and Changing Lives.

Saints Foundation brings together the fundraising arms of two not-for-profit healthcare organizations St. Francis Regional Medical Center and Benedictine Living Community Shakopee: St Gertrude’s, The Gardens and Windermere Way.

We work together to connect the passion and commitment of community donors and volunteers with services and programs that help improve community health. More specifically, Saints Foundation will secure financial resources and make grants to St. Francis Regional Medical Center or Benedictine Living Community Shakopee in order to:

  • Expand innovative, patient or resident centered healthcare programs and services.
  • Purchase cutting edge technologies that improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Enhance the campus’ physical environment to promote a healing environment.
  • Enrich support services that ease the burden of illness and disease for patients, residents and their families.
  • Support charity and mission-related care, which promotes community health and health care services for the poor and powerless.

Saints Foundation unites the unique strengths of St. Francis and St. Gertrude’s to provide meaningful opportunities to advance the future of health care. From the first breath of a baby at St. Francis Family Birth Place to the last breath of an elderly patient at St. Gertrude’s End-of-Life Hospice Suite, donations through Saints Foundation make a difference.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Saints Foundation is to:

  • Ensure the necessary resources exist to fulfill the
    missions of St. Francis and St. Gertrude’s.
  • Increase awareness within the community of the
    healthcare services they provide.
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for increasing
    philanthropic support from the community.

Our Core Values

We will accomplish our mission by living out the following
values in all we do: Hospitality, Joy, Justice, Partnership,
Respect and Stewardship.


St. Francis Regional Medical Center

In the 1930’s when the nearest hospital was in Minneapolis, three local residents – Bror Pearson, M.D., Father Marks and Frank Strunk – petitioned a group of Franciscan Sisters to open a hospital in Shakopee that would serve all community residents.

With community support and $2,000, they purchased the Scott County poorhouse and founded St. Francis Hospital and Home in 1938. The transformation of the Poorhouse into a makeshift hospital was assigned to four young German Sisters – Sister Alphonsine Segar, Sister Paschalia Etges, Sister Ascentia Froehling and Sister Johanna Metzen. For two weeks prior to opening the facility, the Sisters painstakingly worked together with community members to bring the old structure up to state standards. Finally, on November 3, 1938, they opened the doors to serve all who needed care.

Benedictine Shakopee

St. Gertrude’s has a rich tradition of providing quality long term and rehabilitative care for the residents of Scott, Carver and western Dakota counties. The seeds of St. Gertrude’s founding were planted in 1888 when Mother Scholastica Kerst and her blood sister, Sister Alexia Kerst, led a small group of Benedictine Sisters from St. Joseph, Minnesota to Duluth to establish St. Mary’s Hospital. From these efforts emerged the Benedictine Health System, a nationally recognized non-profit leader in providing services and care for older adults, of which St. Gertrude’s is a reputed member. Today, St. Gertrude’s offers assisted living apartments, long term care beds, short term rehabilitation beds, end of life suites and spiritual care. In the Christian tradition of servanthood, St. Gertrude’s serves persons of all faiths in a caring environment.

St. Gertrude’s has been serving our community for over twenty years with 105 skilled nursing beds for long term resident care and short term rehab therapy. We also have 40 assisted living apartments providing seniors assistance in daily living in a nurturing and active community. Additionally, we are physically adjacent to the hospital on a comprehensive medical campus.

In 2020, Benedictine Shakopee expanded additional housing services to now offer a full continuum of care for individuals 55 plus. Windermere Way is located 2 miles west of St. Gertrude’s, just off 17th Ave and Marystownoad and offers high quality of living with a variety of services including restraint -style dining room, health care services, recreation and education activities and much more.

Benedictine Shakopee offers:

  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care
  • Transitional carev
  • Rehabilitation for cognitively impaired
  • Home therapy
  • Assisted living community at The Gardens
  • End of Life suites
  • Integrative health therapies
  • Therapy outpatient services, including aquatic therapy and mobility courtyard

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Board of Directors

Saints Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of community members, as well as healthcare professionals representing both St. Francis Regional Medical Center and St. Gertrude’s Health and Rehabilitation Center. These members, along with their professional affiliation and city of residence or business, are listed below:

Cindy Anderson
American Solutions for Business
Luai Bajjali
Old National Bank
Quentin Berzins
Benedictine Shakopee
Edwin Bogonko, MD, MBA
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
John Canny
The Canny Group, RE/MAX Advantage Plus
Megan Diamond
Benedictine Shakopee
Mark Ewert
Stephanie Forbes
Josh Heitzman
Amy Jerdee
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Melissa Johnson
4 Sale Real Estate, Fieldstone Family Homes
Monte Johnson
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Gene Louie
Rahr Malting Co.
Scott O’Brien
Trident Development, LLC
Ryan Rydberg
Knutson Construction
Steve Snider
Lightech Resource
Rodney Southwood
Freight Management Logistics
Cynthia Vincent
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Tim Whitcomb
Farmers Insurance Group


Kevin Bonney

Michael Morris
Director of Business Development,
Executive Director

(952) 428-2404
E-mail Michael

Yvonne Anderson

Yvonne Anderson
Senior Development Associate

(952) 233-4488
E-mail Yvonne

Samantha Waller

Samantha Waller
Development Officer

(952) 428-2070
E-mail Samantha

Missy Dreckman

Missy Dreckman
Foundation Manager

(952) 428-2221
E-mail Missy