The Saints Foundation is now accepting applications for the Eileen Dietz Nursing Scholarship, the Sheridan Hafdal Medical Career Scholarship, and the Culvers Medical Career Scholarship.

The Eileen Dietz Nursing Scholarship

This scholarship program is made possible through generous donations from family, friends and employees of St. Francis Regional Medical Center and is dedicated to the memory and contributions of Eileen Dietz for her 20 years of nursing at St. Francis. For the 2024-2025 academic year, we can award up to 2 scholarships: one for practicing nurses who are back in school and one for student nurses. Each scholarship is worth $1,000.

The Medical Career Scholarship

These scholarships have been made possible through two scholarship funds that were created in 2023 thanks to the generosity of Rich and Sheridan Hafdal and the Shakopee Culvers. We are thrilled to be able to offer these opportunities to staff at St. Francis Regional Medical (STF), Benedictine Living Community – Shakopee (BLCS), family members of current or retired staff members at STF or BLCS, and/or Shakopee High School students enrolled in a medical related higher education accredited program. Please note, these scholarships are not specific to nursing students or staff. The Sheridan Hafdal scholarship is open for students in a graduate level, accredited program or higher, and the Culvers scholarship is open to applicants enrolled in an accredited two-year, or four-year, undergraduate program. Each of these scholarships will award $2,500.

Nursing student applicants are invited to apply for both the Eileen Dietz scholarship as well as either the Culvers or Sheridan Hafdal scholarships depending on the program they are in.

To access the applications online visit:

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Eileen Dietz Scholarship Recipient:
Lexie Tremble
Sheridan Hafdal Scholarship Recipient:
Mariya Tkachenko
Culvers of Shakopee Scholarship Recipient:
Quincey Feragen
Additional Recipients not pictured – Eileen Dietz Scholarship Recipient: Lizzy Schmidt